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The Author Talks! April & May 2018

I’m on a book tour of sorts. In March I spoke in Kentville (Nova Scotia), Toronto, and San Francisco.  In April and May I’ll be speaking in Massachussetts, Maine, New Hampsire, and New York. There will be Dwiggins books available for purchase (and signing) at most of these events. Here’s the schedule.

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Book Design and Photography Meet Improvisation

Improvisation is certainly at the heart of good practice for a jazz musician or actor. But it also can be a boon to my work in design and photography. When I set out to show two sets of book spines on the endpapers of my Dwiggins biography — revealing them to the...

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Design Secrets: Speaking in Code

It’s always a deep pleasure for me to embed quiet messaging into a project — something that readers will notice on their own. I’ve written about the biplane on Mount Washington, but here are a couple of other examples.

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Printing the W.A. Dwiggins Biography

The process of printing a book might not be glamorous, but it is fascinating. Boxes of paper, presses, color adjustments and approvals. Constant vigilance and attention to the tiniest details.

First we need some paper. For the Dwiggins biography, we worked with Sappi Paper in Boston. As the successor to the legendary S. D. Warren paper company, Sappi provides a direct link to one of Dwiggins’s most important clients.

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Biplane Flyby: Mount Washington Photo Shoot

The appearance of a biplane on the Mount Washington photo mural was a combination of luck and patience.

When I set out to make a backlit color mural that would enable people to see the view from the summit, I decided to present a 180-degree view that began looking due west, swept across the north, and ended looking due east. This would also match perfectly the curved wall in the summit building where the mural was to be installed — that wall follows the same 180-degree arc from west to east.

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